A musical Valentine from Xio!

A musical Valentine from Xio!

free-two-love-valentine-day-hearts-wallpapersHappy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies!

Two years ago, as I accidentally wrote my very first romance (long story), a friend and I recorded one of my favourite songs for another project.

As I sat listening to it, a one-off chapter for the book – which was a web serial at the time – came to me.  In it, Adam watches his two friends, Sam and Valerie, perform a song together and wonders how he could have been so blind.

Here’s the song, “Yellow” (originally by Coldplay):

Wishing you lots of love!

Xio oxo


  1. Omgoodness you’ve given me goosebumps. xoxoxox I have no clue who Coldplay is but I’m seriously convinced your version is exponentially lovelier!

  2. You have a BEAUTIFUL voice!! Thanks for the Valentine treat. Coldplay would be proud. I’d love to be able to sing. Well done. Sigh.

  3. Love this. Better than the original.

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