FoX Friday introduction to Damian Jericho

FoX Friday introduction to Damian Jericho

Damian JerichoDamian Jericho is the pen name of a best-selling sci-fi/fantasy novelist who tragically does not have a name that is half as interesting as ‘Damian Jericho’. Both of them are friends of mine, both reside in the Boston area and one of them is real.

Damian released book one of his darkly erotic Forbidden Gems series on Tuesday (happy birthday to me! lol) and book two will be in stores on the 3rd of March.

Here’s a bit about both.

It’s an unusual night at the museum. The legendary Pazuzu gemstones are making Hasty Introductionsan appearance, in the company of the man who discovered them: the almost equally legendary Argent Leeds.

Mara, a young intern, expects nothing more from the evening than a chance to get a glimpse at the almost mythical stones. What she gets is a private showing, and a great deal more: the beginning of an erotic journey unlike anything she could have ever imagined.

Available at Amazon and AllRomance

Trust me when I say that you’ve never read anything quite like this. Here’s a bit about book two.

CarnivoresWhile sorting through the archeological findings from one of Argent’s digs, Mara makes a surprising discovery, one that might connect back to the gemstones. Eager to share what she’s found, she meets Argent for a private dinner in an exclusive club, and ends up sharing a great deal more when clothing becomes entirely optional.

Forbidden Gems is a six part serial. Book two is available for pre-order at Amazon.

By the way, I did the cover art for the series. Tres sexy, non? 😉

You can stay in touch with Damian Jericho via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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