An interview with Duff for Romance Writers Weekly

An interview with Duff for Romance Writers Weekly

Welcome to another installment of Romance Writers Weekly, where we give you insight into our process, motivation, and inspiration as writers. This week, I asked my fellow RWW members to interview a character from one of their novels or works-in-progress.

Did you catch the lovely Leslie Hachtel‘s entry? If not, don’t forget to check it out.

Since Calum Me Maybe is on its way to you soon, I decided to sit down with my hero, Duff, and pick his brain. Always an interesting undertaking. He may have enjoyed a dram or two during our chat, so…consider yourself warned. Also, you may need a glossary. 😉

Duff smilingXio: Thanks for sitting down with me, Duff, I know that you just got back from…where were you?

Duff: Argentina.

Xio: Oh, nice! I’ve always wanted to go there.

Duff: Aye, you should. Lovely place.

Xio: It’s on my bucket list.

Duff: Yer what, now?

Xio: My bucket list. You know, my list of things to do before I kick the bucket.

Duff: (chuckles) Americans.

Xio: Don’t start. Okay let’s get to the five questions. First one is, what’s your favourite word?

Duff: Shit.

Xio: Really?

Duff: No, I mean shit…I havta think of a favourite word. [laughs] Er…damn, that’s not easy. [long pause] I think it might be hello.

Xio: Hmm, that’s an interesting one. Why hello?

Duff: I s’pose it’s because it’s the beginning of something. All sorts of things can follow a hello.

Xio: Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name?

Duff: Hello darkness, my old friend. [sings] Hello…is it me you’re lookin’ for?

Xio: Haha! Nice voice, you have there.

Duff: Och? Cheers.

Xio: Okay, next question. What is your fondest childhood memory?Duff thinking

Duff: [silent for quite some time]

Xio: Is that a tough one?

Duff: Well, it’s no’ an easy one.

Xio: You don’t have to answer, if…

Duff: No, s’okay. Jest…well, there was this one time. I was a wee mannie then. About five, y’ken. My mum decided to plant flowers beneath the front window. I wanted to help, so she taught me how to turn the soil. Showed me how deep to dig and how to plant the seedlings. She used her bare hands. When I asked her why, she said it was because she wanted to feel the earth. We spent much of the afternoon plantin’ and chattin’ about flowers – and worms [laughs] – and how things grew, with sun and water. She sang while we worked.

Xio: That’s a really sweet memory.

Duff: [clears his throat] Aye. What’s the next question?

Xio: Um…what one thing in your past do you wish you could do differently?

Duff: Michty me, these are a bit loaded, eh?

Xio: Sorry!

Duff: S’alright. Sure, there are a lot of things I wish I had done differently.

Xio: You don’t have to bare your soul here, this is supposed to be fun.

Duff: I wish I’d kept my first camera. It was an old, knackered 35mm. Had dings and dents and sticky widgets, but I developed my eye with it.

Xio: No idea where it is?

Duff: None. Though, I should ask me Gran. She might know.

Xio: Ginny seems like the type to hold onto things like that.

Duff: You’ve met ‘er? [winks] Yah, me Gran loves to pull out little bits of history, now and again. She grand that way.

Yummy...Xio: Indeed, ehehe. Here’s an easy one – Vanilla or Chocolate?

Duff: That’s no’ easy! [He grabs an apple from his knapsack, pulls out a small switchblade, and begins cutting into it.]

Xio: Did the question make you hungry?

Duff: It reminded me. [laughs] Vanilla or chocolate? Are those my only two choices?

Xio: You’re free to volunteer another option.

Duff: [He’s chewing while he thinks. I’m in no hurry. Watching him eat is…a thing.] I s’pose I’d havta say vanilla.

Xio: I would have lost a bet. I swore you were a chocolate person.

Duff: I like chocolate too, but vanilla reminds me of my er…well, Lovie uses some shampoo or lotion that smells of vanilla.

Xio: Ahh, of course. I was wondering when we’d get to her.

Duff: Lovie? [He’s blushing now, by the way.] Yeah…well…

Xio: Say no more, ehehe. Final question: if you could have lunch with one famous person (alive or not) who would it be and why?

Duff: Well…you. [He’s giving me this killer smile.]

Xio: Huh? I’m not famous.

Duff: No, well not yet. [I’m blushing now.] But this is the longest talk we’ve had. I know very little about ye.

Xio: Oh, Duff. You cheeky boy. Aside from me [I can’t stop grinning!] who would you want to sit down with?

Duff: Van Gogh.

Xio: Oh, nice one!

Duff: Assuming I could speak Dutch, or he could speak English, I would ask him to describe the world as he saw it. Maybe teach me to see it through his eyes.

Xio: There was a lot of darkness in him. A lot of pain that he drew from.

Duff: Aye. I know. [claps his hands together] Now! You. Stand up, we’re taking your photograph.

Xio: No! I look awful! Let me take one of you…why is your shirt off?Duff can't stay dressed

Duff: I like the freedom, and I don’t get to do it much when I’m on location.

Xio: Hey, I’m not complaining. Stand over there.

Duff: Did ye get the shot?

Xio: Um…what?

Duff: The shot? Did ye…

Xio: Oh! Yeah! Yeah…yeah.

Duff: Great. Now you.


Ahem. Well, that’s it for me this week. Head on over to Fiona Riplee‘s and see how her interview went. Til next time! 😉


  1. Tracey Gee says

    I’m too busy looking at him. Did he say something…?

  2. Awesome post!

  3. Susan Scott Shelley says

    LOVED this!!! CANNOT WAIT for Calum Me Maybe!!! Duff is the ultimate book boyfriend 🙂

  4. Love his witty banter!

  5. Such a fun interview, Xio. Duff looks-er, sounds-amazing! 🙂

  6. I cannot wait to read CMM. He seems so tender! I loved this interview. Simply loved it.

  7. Duff is hilarious. Where’s the pic he took?

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