Make it or break it.

Make it or break it.

Hello my lovelies!

Whelp…this is it, decision time.

This week, as I attend the 35th annual conference for Romance Writers of America (my third), I hope to answer a question that has been nagging me for about a year. What kind of writer do I want to be? Indie? Trad? Hybrid?

There are so many workshops, lectures and gatherings to look forward to. My schedule is always ambitious, and I rarely stick to it. Good thing they make (most) of the panels available via recordings that we can bring home with us. Otherwise, my head would explode trying to retain all of the information, tidbits and advice.

But, while it’s amazing to have such a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, it can only inform my decision, not make it for me. Pity.

Life kinda kicked me in the butt this year, but I have two releases scheduled in the next two months and one planned for the holiday season. Beyond that, I have books that I plan to self-publish next year and others that I’m thinking of submitting to agents and editors.

I’ve been sitting on that submission fence for about a year and it is getting uncomfortable, to say the least. I’m a control freak and the idea of giving up creative control (on covers, blurbs, scheduling, etc) freaks me out just a little bit.

So, here’s to a productive, informative – and hopefully decisive – week for me. Either way, I have tons of stories to tell and can’t wait to share them all with you. Are you with me? Let’s go!



  1. Kate Forest says

    Oh, so true. But better to have options than not to have options.

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