Pitch it to me, baby! (Romance Writers Weekly)

Pitch it to me, baby! (Romance Writers Weekly)

Welcome to another installment of Romance Writer’s Weekly, the blog hop where we give you a behind-the-scenes look at our lives as romance writers. This week, I thought I’d twist things up a bit by challenging my fellow authors to a Twitter pitch-a-thon. What is that? So glad you asked!

In Hollywood, they have something called an “elevator pitch,” a quick synopsis of a film that can be given in the short duration of an elevator ride (i.e. 30 seconds or less. or about 100-150 words). Here’s an example:

When a waitress learns that her future son will lead the resistance against murderous machines destined to rule the world she must try to survive the robot assassin sent back in time to terminate her. –The Terminator

social-in-60_twitter1That’s the elevator pitch. Compelling, right? Unfortunately, it’s too long for Twitter’s 140-character limit. I tried to pare it down:

Sarah learns that her future son will head the resistance in deadly war. She must survive a robot assassin sent back in time to kill her.

Not easy to do. The publishing world has adopted this practice and Twitter is the perfect channel for it.  Hop along the blogs today to see how we fared as we pitch our WIP or latest release to you in 140 characters or less. Did you catch the lovely Brenda Margriet‘s? Here’s a favourite of mine that received  two agent requests.

CEOs don’t fall for strippers. Strippers don’t have MBAs. And pigs don’t fly, until they do.  

Yep, less than 140 characters. *polishing nails* Haha! It’s from a novella called Diamond and Pearls that I have expanded into a full-length, steamy, SEXY contemporary romance.

Now hop along to find out how Dani Jace got along. I bet it’s hot as hell because that’s how Dani rolls. See you next time!



  1. Love that pitch. I’d totally buy that.

  2. “Pigs don’t fly, until they do.” That just blew me away. Perfection.

  3. I agree with Steven – it was great until the “pigs don’t fly” line, and then it was AWESOME!

  4. I. Am. All. In. Love it, Xio!

  5. Love the pitch! Great intro for the post too! And thanks for my intro as well 😉

  6. That pitch rocks!

  7. Lol that rocks!

  8. You really are one talented lady! That’s perfection!

  9. You took this task to a whole new level.

  10. LOL! I Love this so much Xio! And not only that, but you have me singing now (pitch it to me, baby . . . uh huh! uh huh!) <– do you know what I'm saying here?

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