I’ve Got the Music In Me (Romance Writer’s Weekly)

I’ve Got the Music In Me (Romance Writer’s Weekly)

Hey there! It’s another installment of Romance Writer’s Weekly, the blog hop where we give you a glimpse into our lives as romance writers, as well as insight into our processes.

This week, Jeanne McDonald asked “outside of writing, what is your day job?  Give interesting facts about the job, and yes, Homemaker is a viable option (a very important one, I might add). What inspired you to take on this job and would you ever consider giving it to one of your characters?” Hopefully, you’ve hopped over here from the hilariously awesome Tracey Gee who runs the LOVExtra blog, on top of being a brilliant pianist. What else does she do with her time?

Hi, I’m Xio and I am a singer and songwriter.

@ Carnivale

London, 2009

I’ve touched on my music a few times over the last year. I am intentionally cryptic about it, not because I don’t love it, but because I’ve been wary of marrying the two identities. My privacy, and that of my family, is pretty important to me. That said, I’m also a bit paranoid. [Read: a lot paranoid.]

My family thinks I need to get over it.

So…I will be coming out of the music closet, so to speak, (not to mention coming out of the writing closet to my music world) in the coming months. These two groups will become quite cozy, but more on that another time. For now, rather than talk about it, I thought I’d just show you.

That clip was shot on a breezy [read windy as hell] spring day in Lisbon. While it was bright and sunny, I mostly wore the sunglasses because we’d had a late gig the night before. I grew up in the music biz, and started recording professionally before I even turned five. It isn’t all that glamourous, but it is pretty cool. I’ve been places, and done things, that I knew few people will experience. I’m always grateful for that.

The journey from writing music to writing books has been an interesting one. Even the business of publishing, though it shares many similarities with the music industry, has been a bit of a learning curve. All good, though. Okay, mostly good. As for making it a career for one of my characters, I have some musicians in the pipeline. I’m constantly being told that “rock stars don’t sell” but there are other stories to be told. Y’know? =)

Hop over to check out Susan Scott Shelley’s UBER cool day job. Seriously, I want to be her someday. See you next time!


  1. Kate Forest says

    Beautiful voice, beautiful person. Obviously you have a creative soul. Keep making art.

  2. Love that song, babe. Love, love, love

  3. Amazing music. I’m looking forward to hearing more.
    My old instruments called to me as I listened. I may have to answer.
    Thanks. ♥

  4. I adore that song and truly believe singing is a gift. I love that you have music as another one of your hobbies because life is all about balance.

    • Thanks! I am fortunate to have two careers that I really love. It makes the work/life balance thing a little difficult. I wish I had time for hobbies, lol.

  5. Susan Scott Shelley says

    Awesome and amazing! You are so talented 🙂

  6. Xio, you have an awesome voice. Your smooth tone reminds me of Sade. Very relaxing. Sing on lady!

    • Thanks, Dani! I get that sometimes, depending on the song. Other times, I get Sia or Skin (from Skunk Anansie). All comparisons are flattering. =)

  7. Ines Johnson says

    Wow! Just wow!

  8. Gorgeous Xio…just like you!

  9. Love, love, LOVE your voice and your music, Xio! You are so talented. Did I say I love your voice?

  10. I’m SO impressed. Lovely music! And I can’t believe anyone told you rock stars don’t sell. Take it from someone who has written a rock star series–that’s simply not true! 😉

    • Thanks! And yeah, I’ve heard that from a number of agents and editors. Not only about music, but about Hollywood too. That’s why I’m self-publishing the Falling Stars series. I’ll likely do the same with the music series.

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