Pre-order FALLING STARS on Amazon

Pre-order FALLING STARS on Amazon

I. Am. Freaking. Out.

Just a little bit.

My first pre-order just went live on Amazon, and that means it just got real! Falling Stars is going to be in your hands soon. Will you love it? Will you hate it? Only time will tell.

I’m just uber proud to send Sam and Val out into the world to do their thing; that thing being to make you fall in love with them. I hope you do. I adore those two.

A few people have asked why I refer to Falling Stars as “romantic fiction” rather than a “romance.” The series deals with a lot of issues that don’t always fly with the romance readership: a sour marriage, infidelity, etc. And I certainly didn’t want to pull a bait-and-switch on anyone, so I’ve been pretty up front (I hope) about the nature of this story.

It’s a love story. It’s romantic and sensual, of course, but it’s also painful, difficult, and frustrating. And fun, too. Like life. Ha!

This is book one, and just the beginning of Sam and Val’s journey. I hope you’ll join me for the ride.



  1. Susan Scott Shelley says

    Can’t wait! So excited to read this!!!

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