FoX Friday with Katie Kenyhercz!

FoX Friday with Katie Kenyhercz!

Oh yeah, we have a double-feature this FoX Friday! Please welcome brand new FoX, Katie Kenyhercz and her upcoming release, What Happens in Vegas.

What Happens In Vegas Cover_Final (1)Life in Las Vegas is changing for the Sinners family in a big way. When Carter Phlynn gets an offer to coach for Pittsburgh, he ignores it. Until his wife finds the letter. No stranger to sacrificing for the ones she loves, Jacey isn’t about to let her retired hockey player husband fade away in upper management when his heart is still on the ice, but encouraging him to follow his dream means walking away from hers–the hockey team she inherited from her father and raised from obscurity to the sport’s highest honor.

Sinners goalie, Shane Reese, grew up with Carter. The move could mean growing apart from the man who’d been his brother. As one of the team’s sport psychologists, Allie Kallen-Reese faces potentially losing her job if new ownership decides they don’t need her, but her biggest struggle is opening up and letting her husband shoulder some of her worries–one skill she’s never fully developed.

Jacey’s brother, Madden Vaughn, left the Sinners organization to launch a financial planning business that found much success, but family has always been the most important thing to him. He’s been engaged to Saralynn Reese, head of Sinners PR, for two years but every time he tries to make plans, she claims it’s not a good time. If he wants Jacey to be at the wedding, he’ll have to act fast, but Saralynn has a lifetime of commitment issues to contend with.

Dylan Cole, young captain of the Sinners, is due for a contract renewal, but after a less-than-impressive few seasons, new ownership might easily trade him to land a different player. Las Vegas had become a home he shared with Lori Kelly, his Olympic figure skater girlfriend. They trained on the same ice, lived in the same apartment, and shared the same goals for the future. But Lori’s last chance at a gold medal depends on the money she makes starring in Sin City on Ice. If he got traded, would she follow?

Grayson Gunn left his hockey career on a high note and took a job as an assistant coach for the Sinners. A head coach offer from the Carson City Saints, the Sinners minor league affiliate, has him thinking. If only it didn’t mean moving seven hours away from the love of his life. As the Sinners’ assistant physician, Olivia Parker is tied to the team whether it stays in Vegas or moves out of state. Things have been better than ever with Grayson, but could she give up her dream to follow him and his?

Sin City is about to get seriously complicated.

Enjoy this excerpt from What Happens in Vegas

The world tipped, and Jacey Phlynn’s heart pounded so hard she could feel it in her face and all the way to her toes. She stared at the letter, but the words had swirled into an illegible blur. A few blinks brought enough focus back to concentrate on the important parts. It was a coaching offer from Pittsburgh. For her husband dated two weeks ago.

She fell into the chair behind his desk, her body at a weird impasse where she was completely numb but about to burst out of her skin. Why hadn’t he told her? Was he considering it? He had to be. The opportunity was too big. Too good. But what would it mean for them? The possibilities stemming from that threatened to crush her like a tsunami, so she forced them back before they gained too much of a foothold.

However he’d reacted to the offer, it was something they needed to talk about. Her legs didn’t give out when she stood. Progress. She nudged the desk drawer closed then remembered. Team stationary. The reason she’d come in his office to begin with. She grabbed a stack, tucked the letter in her blazer pocket, then locked his door behind her.

As she headed for the elevator, life buzzed in the bullpen like usual as if the universe hadn’t just turned inside out. She went down the to main concourse and started walking. Past the closed concessions, the open team store, the larger-than-life banners of her players. Six years ago, she wasn’t sure she’d make it as owner of the Las Vegas Sinners. The team crashing and burning on her watch had been a real and terrifying possibility. But it hadn’t. Through her decisions, resolve, and bull-headed tenacity, it’d flourished, reached previously unthinkable heights and the highest honor in hockey. Several times. The team was no longer her father’s legacy. It was hers.

What Happens in Vegas will be out on 28 March. Add it to your Goodreads bookshelf and  Pre-order a copy now!

Kenyhercz Author Pic1Author Bio:

Katie lives in Seattle with my Air Force hubby, and she writes hockey romance. She played one season of roller hockey when she was fifteen–it hurt enough that she decided she liked it better as a spectator–and it’s been true love ever since! Her fictional team is the Las Vegas Sinners, and her real-world team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. (I won’t hold that against her, LOL)

Katie likes strong, capable heroines who bring out the vulnerability in their tough guys.

Catch up with Katie:

On her Amazon Author PageFacebook, Twitter: @KatieKenyhercz, and on her website.

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