FoX Friday with Stuart Reardon!

FoX Friday with Stuart Reardon!

My lovelies! Do I have a special treat for you this week.

Last Friday, we revealed the cover of my upcoming novel Camden, which features my lovely, new friend, Stuart Reardon.

Camden is unlike anything I’ve written before, and I am so excited to bring it to you next month. Stuart is a recently retired, professional rugby player-turned model and all-around fitness guru. And I think he’s just as excited about Camden as I am!

I invited him to stop by and tell us a little more about himself.

Hi, Stu!  Thanks for popping by. Tell me, how did you get started in rugby?

I started very young. I was ten years old in my first season. My friends got me into it.

Wow, really?

I was a very fast runner. On sports day, I raced my classmate Leon and I won. He asked me to come play for his team, as his dad was the coach, so I did.

That’s so cool!

Me and Leon are still friends to this day. We played for Queensbury for six years, and then turned professional for our hometown of Bradford.

Wow, it must have been so awesome to play for the hometown crowd.

We had great success and won many trophies during our time at Bradford, and then we both went on to play international level for England and Great Britain. So rugby all started for me with that one race!

Amazing the path that life takes sometimes. Was rugby what was led you into fitness, or were you always a fitness enthusiast?

I was always an enthusiast, I’m addicted to fitness, I love it!

Haha! I noticed. How did you end up modeling?

I stumbled into it, if i’m being honest, but I’m glad I did. I have met some really cool people and friends through it, and I’m enjoying the journey.

That’s great. What do you like about where you are now in your life?

I like the man I have grown into both physically and mentally. Spiritually as well. I’m grateful for where I am, and for what I have, while I continue to push for progress. After all, life is progress.

Absolutely! If you’re not moving forward, you’re standing still. I’m sure my readers are curious about what do you do in your downtime.

I spend time with my fiance, my friends, my family, and my son.

Awww. 🙂

I love photography and videography, so I’m constantly learning both. I’m also studying to be a Yoga teacher, and I will start to learn Spanish this year, after I have finish my yoga course. I never stop learning. 🙂 Learning is progress and progress is life.

I’m picking up a theme, for sure. Progress. By the way, let me know if you need some help with the Spanish. Yo lo hablo. 🙂 I love learning too. Right now, I’m studying Norwegian. Jeg elsker språk! (I love languages!)

So, tell me. In the movie about your life, what’s the title and who would play you?

Not sure about this one. THE PROGRESS SEEKER! Starring Gerard Butler.

Nice! I can see it now. Ehehe. What are your pet peeves?

Rude or nasty people, no need for it.

Amen to that.

I don’t treat anyone how I wouldn’t want to be treated back. What you put out into the world will come back to you.

So true! I wish more people understood that. What type of music do you listen to?

All types really, indie, pop, dance, reggae.

Excellent. What are your favorite types of movies to watch?

Action. I also love Sci-fi and comedy.

All good, all good. And what types of books are on your bookshelf at home?

Cookbooks, health, fitness, and coaching books. I’m big into audio books, mostly self-development ones. I don’t watch TV other than movies.

You make good use of your time. Better than I do, lol. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

A warm climate. A goal of mine is to live in Spain, inland, at my own farm or country house, and with my own land. A peaceful place.

Sounds lovely! Okay, here are some quick, fun questions:

Favourite Colour: Black or white.
Favourite Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding or cheesecake
Favourite City: London, NYC, Madrid, Barcelona
Favourite Swear Word: FUCK OFF

looooove sticky toffee pudding! And I wholly approve of your favourite swear. Camden says it often. 😉 Describe your dream date.

I’m easy 🙂


A really nice meal in a restaurant where you can watch a beautiful sunset, with a nice glass of red wine. Maybe a cool Sci-fi movie after.

Ah, I can hear our readers swooning now. LOL! So let’s stay on the theme of romance. What is your favorite body part on a woman?

Face / eyes.

Tell me your favorite pickup line, and did it work on you or for you?

Ha-ha! I don’t have any. I was always so shy as a younger guy.

Seriously? You? I find that hard to believe. 🙂

Talking to girls was really hard. My chat up line would have been “Hi.” Ha!

LOL! That’s actually quite endearing. Okay, describe a period of time or occurrence in your life when you were completely embarrassed but can laugh about it now.

As I said, as a younger guy, I was so shy I couldn’t talk to girls. It was so hard for me. I was always embarrassed, especially if I fancied the girl. It was a bad time for me, but I can definitely laugh about it now. Haha!

Aww, now I am imagining shy, little Stu being nervous around his crush. 🙂 Finish this sentence: I’m addicted to…

Progress, positivity and health, and fitness. 🙂


Thank you so much for hanging out with me today, Stu! And to the readers out there, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse behind the cover.

Stuart and I will be hanging out at the RT Booklovers Convention next month, and we hope to see you there! Check out my schedule for more details. And don’t forget to add Camden to your Goodreads Want-toRead list!


  1. Great interview! Such a hard-working man. If we can ask Stu questions, I’d love to know his favorite sci fi movie.

  2. Hi Xio/Hi Stuart:

    I loved the interview and getting a peek inside Stuart’s life. It’s nice to be reminded that cover models are more than what meets the eye(s). Thank you both.

  3. Ida Louise says

    As always you make my day with Stu. Looking forward to seeing you both next month.

  4. Fantastic interview! Now I’m curious about the sticky toffee pudding, but it sounds yummy!

  5. Tell him I’ve got some sexy Sci-Fi books he can read! Lol! Great interview, OHOMLN.

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