Ian and Jessen are here! (And you can enter to win a $400 Gift Card.)

Ian and Jessen are here! (And you can enter to win a $400 Gift Card.)

Hello, my lovelies! I am ridiculously excited to release my very first MM Contemporary romance, Fast Forward.

This novella is the first in my Alt Er Love series, which can be read as stand-alones (though they’re best enjoyed together.) Alt Er Love is a phrase I picked up from the phenomenal web/TV series SKAM. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know about my compete obsession with the series, lol. It’s gone now – crying in Norwegian – but SKAM’s message will stay with me forever.

“Alt er love” in Norwegianglish means “everything is love” or “love is everything,” however you want to interpret it. This fits very much into my philosophy and outlook on life, so I have adopted it for my own. I’m even getting a tattoo, so you know it’s serious. 😉

FAST FORWARD spans seven years in the whirlwind love story of a brilliant, young professor, Ian Waters, and the god-like Norwegian rock star, Jessen Sørensen. There’s angst, humour, and plenty of heat in my debut. I hope you’ll fall in love with the boys as I have. 

As a nineteen-year-old, wunderkind doctoral candidate, Ian Waters had little interest in social interaction. Books were his companions, and that had suited him just fine. Then a hurricane named Jessen Sørensen blew into his life, throwing Ian off his axis.

On the cusp of rock stardom, Jessen had burned brightly, and Ian had fallen heart-first under his spell. But Ian soon learned he was only a temptation, a pit stop on the road to the rocker’s dreams, and Jessen was gone as quickly as he’d come. Ian buried his heartache in academia, the only home he’d ever known.

When Ian encounters Jessen at a party, the seven-year separation seems insurmountable. There’s too much pain, too much distrust. But Jessen declares he has a new dream, and that’s a life with Ian.

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  1. Ian and jessen’s story is so beautiful and passionate! It’s easy to care for these men. Enjoying the true love and tenderness when they finally reunite. You are an incredibly talented author and I look forward to your next alt er love story. Thank you.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed Fast Forward. I love these lads so much, and I’m pleased to tell you they’ll be back. 🙂 Alt er love!

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