FoX Friday with editor, Jessica Snyder!

FoX Friday with editor, Jessica Snyder!

Welcome to another installment of FoX Friday! This week, we’re joined by editor, Jessica Snyder. I asked Jessica some fun questions about her work, and for some tips for authors.

How long have you been editing?

5 years! I started as an intern with Entangled Publishing in 2013.

How cool! Do you edit full-time or part-time?

Just part-time right now. My full-time job is in HR as a recruiter.

Tell us a bit about your “day” job, it sounds fascinating!

HA! It’s really not 🙂 I search resumes and interview candidates for open positions at my company.

Still, I bet you come in contact with some interesting people. 🙂 Did you ever want to be a writer?

I thought I did for most of my life and I have a few short stories and LOTS of ideas floating around. But once I started working for Entangled, I realized I much preferred helping other people develop or strengthen their stories than I did writing my own. I don’t have the discipline or drive to write more than the single scene that’s in my head at any given time.

It’s really awesome that you found an outlet for your creativity, though. Many people would have abandoned it altogether. Do you celebrate the release day of the books you’ve edited?

I do! I share new releases on my Facebook page and list them on the Books page of my website. I’ve also been invited to a couple author parties on Facebook to talk about the editing process, and that’s always fun.

How many hours do you spend editing each day?

During the week, usually 1-3 since it’s after the 9-5 job. On the weekends, depending on when the book is due, it could be 8 hours or more! And there are other “business” tasks have to be taken care of as well, like editorial letters, email responses, website updates, Facebook posts, taxes (boo!).

I know what you mean. There’s always something, lol. What advice would you give to an author who’s struggling through the editing process?

Everyone has their own opinion of the editing and revision process. Some authors love it, some hate it. I recommend reading through the notes and changes from your editor, then giving yourself a day or two to let the information percolate and settle. That can help ensure you’re in a less emotional state of mind when you do begin revisions. If you have questions about why your editor is making a particular suggestion, ask!

I love the idea of letting the comments/suggestions sit for a day or two. That initial reaction can be knee-jerk. Time offers perspective. 🙂 What are your pet peeves in manuscripts?

With all the free and integrated grammar checking software out there, I hate seeing tons of obvious grammar mistakes in a manuscript. If Word is showing you colorful squiggles under your words and phrases, right-click and find out what the issue is.

Ha! Good advice. Do you listen to music while you edit?

Always! When I’m deep into copyediting or proofreading, I don’t want the distraction of lyrics, so I usually have a classical or EDM playlist going. I recently bought an Amazon Echo simply so I can yell at the device and not have my laptop tethered to plug-in speakers any longer.

I love hands-free DJing. 😀 Name some of your favorite authors who do not write romance.

Bill Bryson and Mary Roach are two favorites for nonfiction. John McWhorter for all things #wordnerd related. I don’t read a lot of genre fiction outside of romance – I used to, so I’m trying to add more thrillers and suspense to my life with authors like Brad Meltzer, Nelson deMille and John Sandford.

How do you relax at the end of a long day?

Read a book 🙂 When I need a break from words, I’ll play a few rounds of Candy Crush. And the dog is always down for a walk.

Candy Crush is so addictive! Okay, finally, what adjectives would your close friends use to describe you?

Adventurous, dependable, sarcastic, adaptable, easygoing.


Jessica Snyder is a fiction editor who adores Romancelandia and is happy to work in other genres as well. After four years as an assistant to several editors at Entangled Publishing, she began freelancing and has never looked back. Her client list ranges from Rita-finalists and Amazon bestsellers to new authors publishing for the first time. She enjoys consulting with her authors on the self-publishing industry as much as she likes to dive into characterization and GMC in their manuscripts.

Jessica holds a Master’s degree in Intelligence Studies and is a US Army veteran. You can find her online at or where she offers weekly editing tip videos. She mostly avoids Twitter @icaedits and posts travel, food, dog and book photos on Instagram, also @icaedits.


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