RWA in T minus 7 hours

RWA in T minus 7 hours

They don’t call it “HotLanta” for nothing.

I checked the forecast for this week, and it’s 90-plus with 300% humidity.
Hey, it’s just like back home! =)

Of course, I will be spending the week in air-conditioned splendor, surrounded by people already living my dream of being a published novelist. These women (I’m told that there are a few men as well) will be schooling me, whether they know it or not. I’m ready to learn the ropes, start from the bottom rung, pay my dues, and all of those other cliches about being n00b.


The hotel is preparing for the influx of thousands of romance writers, editors and publishers and the finishing touches on what appears to be not-so-subtle marketing strategies are  underway. This shot of one of the elevators (there are at least 8) shows you how immersed in the world of romantic fiction the organizers of RWA wish us to be. I am not complaining at all. As someone new to this world, I need a crash course. I have a feeling I’m about to experience information overload. Good thing I am taking notes!

Sitting in the lobby of this massive structure, I spot a few people that I think might be writers: laptops open and fingers flying across the keys.  I hope that being here this week will spark a lightning storm of creativity in my brain. I have a lot of revisions to do to Starstruck and some updating to write for Star-crossed. I know many of you are waiting for chapter 11. Did I thank you for your patience? Well, thank you again!

More to come, stay tuned.

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