Flash Fiction – Love Letters #LoveChatWrite

Flash Fiction – Love Letters #LoveChatWrite

Hey m’lovelies! It’s that time again. Each Tuesday, we at Romance Writers Weekly try to bring you something new. This week, our own Mishka Jenkins challenged us to write a love letter, in 400 words or less. The letter had to contain the words: sweet, pumpkin and brush. Great one, Mishka! And timely too. 😉

Hopefully you just read Elizabeth Janette‘s take on this interesting challenge. Amazing, isn’t she? Before I share my letter, I have a funny.

JS_French-600x940Mr. X and I have a running joke. Often when he needs something, he’ll ask me as if he’s reading from a Civil War-era letter. Sort of like:

My Dearest Darling [insert name like Gertrude/Elizabeth/Penelope/Hildegard],

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that I have run out of tea. I was enjoying the fine brew that you made for me, but alas it is gone. The loss consumes me. If you could find your way to making me another cup, it may help to stave off the dysentery one more night.

Forever your devoted husband,
Beauregard (or something to that effect.)

By the way, I just read that out loud to him and he is laughing his ass off. We’re nuts, I know.

So, here is my love letter. I may or may not be inspired by my WIP.



To the one who matters,

You are the bravest person I know. You took a chance and I blew it. I’m sorry I was such a coward.

God! I was so scared, baby. Am scared. Terrified, really, but not of losing you. I’m afraid of having you and losing myself. I saw the future, my future, in your sweet smile and it scared the shit out of me. And I can’t just blame it on my past. Or yours. You didn’t want promises, I know that now. You just wanted to show me what we could be and I brushed you off. I let you get on that plane.

But know that I have felt every single mile you’ve put between us. The distance has been slowly carving into me like a pumpkin. I can’t bear it.

Not having you there with me made my being there not worth a damn. So I am here. If your heart is still open to me, please open the door. Let me in.

I love you.

Forever yours,
The one you matter to most


Would you let him in? Maaaaaybe? 😉 Next stop on the tour is the lovely Brenda Margriet. See you next time!


  1. Angel LaFlare says

    Your story is totally adorable, and your letter made me feel like I was reading his words. Almost like I was holding a book in my hands and reading from that page 😉 Great job, Lady Xi.

  2. Heartbreaking, and so well done. I could feel your character come to life through the words. Nicely done.

  3. I love those old love letters and give the man a chance, girl!

  4. Mr. X sounds hysterical. LOL. Nice job.

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