Falling Stars Series

falling stars

What do you do when you fall in love while the whole world is watching?

Starstruck – Book One Synopsis: Sam Newman is a middle-aged actor, the worst thing you can be in Hollywood, but he wouldn’t complain. He’s aged surprisingly well, and he’s had a good life so far: small, but steady roles, some turns at directing, and now a shot as a leading-man on a network series opposite the beautiful Valerie Saunders. Val has been working her way onto the A-list and is finally reaping the rewards for all of her personal sacrifice. She’s never let her heart rule her head, until now. They will both soon learn that the thin line between fantasy and reality is sometimes impossible to not to cross.

Read an excerpt from book one: Starstruck (Serial complete, novelization underway)

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Just a quick disclaimer: “Falling Stars” is a work of original fiction. The story, while inspired by current events, is not a reflection of any persons, living or dead.