Pierce Skinner is proud of The Skin Agency, the business he and his brother, Camden, built from nothing. Business is good, and Pierce loves the lifestyle it affords him. He never expected his twin to sell his half of their lucrative company to one of Skin’s main rivals. Tessa Takanawa is brilliant, provocative, and utterly infuriating. She’s also perfect for him.

Skin’s reputation as a ruthless cover-up operation is well-known, and Tessa is determined to change that. Her plan to restore Skin’s original mission – helping those truly in need – has only one problem: her new partner. Pierce is impulsive, undisciplined–and sexy as hell. Tessa’s never been one to mix business with pleasure, but Pierce is hard to resist when he drops his trademark, cock-sure bravado. She might be willing to flex the rules. If only he weren’t so eager to take on any shady character as a client, just for the cash.

As their cravings for each other increase, and their visions for Skin collide, Pierce and Tessa will have to work together to do the one thing important to them both: saving their own Skin.