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Batter up for an exciting hour of FIRST BASE WITH AN AUTHOR. Join a whole room full of your favorite authors for an hour of exhilarating fun that's like Speed Dating on crack--only a lot more fun! The score card is loaded and we're ready to come out swingin'--with goodie bags in hand!--to earn your runs. Be sure to stick around for the grand slam giveaway--an iPad!

Signing authors: Xio Axelrod, Victoria Blue, Elle Boon, Audrey Carlan, Sierra Cartwright, Victoria Danann, Zoey Derrick, PG Forte, Kym Grosso, Rebecca Halsey, Sarah Hegger, Jenna Jacob, Kathryn L. James, Lori King, Heather Long, Julia Mills, MK Schiller, Dorothy F. Shaw, Ella Sheridan, Susan Stoker, Dani and Wade.

Event Date: Thursday, May 4, 2017 11:15am – 12:15pm
Location: Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Downtown
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With special guest: Stuart Reardon

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9 February, 6:30p: Lady Jane Salon - Philadelphia, Parkway Central Library, Philadelphia, PA
4 May, 11:15a: First Base With an Author (RT Convention), Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, GA
6 May, 10:30a: The Giant Book Fair (RT Convention), Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, GA
29 July, 3:00p: Readers For Life Literacy Signing (RWA) Walt Disney World® Dolphin Resort, Pacific Hall