Coming March 2017 – Hot Hockey Heroes!

I’m so excited about this project, my lovelies!

This March, USA Today Bestsellers Robin Covington, Kimberly Kincaid, Nana Malone and Virginia Nelson, Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller Angi Morgan, along with myself, Christi Barth, Andie J. Christopher, Avery Flynn, Kim Golden, Lena Hart, Desiree Holt, Robin Kaye, Katie Kenyhercz, Heather Long, Kate Meader, Susan Scott Shelley, and Misty D. Waters will bring you 18 romances with smoking hot heroes—both on and off the ice.

hot on ice promoLittle did they know that winning the Cup would just be the start of the hottest summer of their lives. . .

The New Orleans Cajun Rage professional hockey team just won The Cup. No one thought they’d do it: they were a team of shoulda beens, never coulda beens and a star or two. They’d only been in the Crescent City for three years before this year’s Cinderella run that had them skating off the ice with the championship.

Over the following summer, each player gets to keep the Cup for a day. Nobody knows why, but whoever has the Cup falls in love. [Read More…]

Join me online tomorrow! (11/30)

Xio NTMHey, my lovelies! I’ll be taking a break from writing/editing tomorrow to chat with the folks at the New-To-Me Reading Challenge at 4PM MDT.

Come join the group and get in on the discussion. I’ll answer questions, do a reading or two, and I may have a giveaway as well. 🙂 Hope to see you there!

FoX Friday with debut author, Kate Forest! (Plus a giveaway!)

It’s FoX Friday, my lovelies! This week, we have another new author, my friend Kate Forest. She’s here with her debut novel, Interior Design and Other Emotions. I adore that title, and I cannot wait to read this book. I’ve been waiting for a long time to get my hands on it.

Kate ForestBefore we dive in , I asked Kate a few questions. Comment below and be entered to win a copy of the book!

How long did it take you to write your first novel?

That’s tricky because I wrote two at the same time. I started a women’s fiction book that I love and will eventually be published in 2018. But I read all the do’s and don’ts of writing, and I was doing everything wrong. I was writing in first person and breaking all the “rules.” My sister, who is the real writer of the family, suggested I stop and write one “by the book” (pun intended.) I did, and it sucked. But it was the perfect exercise to learn writing.

Really? It was sort of the same for me. My first published book wasn’t the first book I’d written, but rather an experiment.

What was the question? Oh, yeah, how long did it take. I think it took my about 10 months to write that sucky book. I have since gone back and spent years revising that first one that is still not ready. But generally, I can produce a book in a year, from first word to last edit.

You’ve held a lot of interesting jobs. Do you pull a lot of your professional experiences into your writing? [Read More…]

FoX Friday with Libby Doyle + a giveaway!

Happy November, my lovelies! We have another debut author with us this week. My friend Libby Doyle is here with The Pain Season, book two of her debut Covalent series. Libby writes sexy, action-packed urban fantasy that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Her latest book just dropped (music industry term, lol) on Halloween, so I’m excited to have her here with an excerpt and a chance to win a digital copy of book one. But before we get to that, I asked Libby some fun questions. 🙂

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FoX Friday with debut author, Gina Fluharty + a giveaway!

Hey, my lovelies! This week, we have a treat for FoX Friday. Please give a warm welcome to debut author Gina Fluharty. Her first release, Banshee’s Bite, will hit stores on Tuesday, November 1st. I met Gina at the RWA Conference in San Diego this year, and she is a hoot and a half! It was like meeting a long, lost friend. 🙂 Read all about Gina and her Banshee, and comment below for a chance to win a digital copy of the book.

author-photoGina Fluharty never met a piece of profanity that didn’t taste like sin-soaked heaven. She’s lived in a lot of places: Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Small Town America, but nowhere has called to her like Portland, OR. It’s there that she wrestles all of her personal demons and turns them into playmates. After all, why exorcise such good source material when she can use it as research material instead?

Before we get bitten by the banshee, I want you to get to know Gina a bit better. I asked her some fun questions.

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