A Day in the Life of a Romance Weekly Writer #LoveChatWrite

A Day in the Life of a Romance Weekly Writer #LoveChatWrite

Happy New Year! It’s our first blog hop of 2015, and – yay! – this week’s theme is my brainchild. Okay, so it isn’t terribly inventive, but still pretty cool. We’re giving you glimpses into our daily lives. Hopefully, you just hopped over from Steven Mitchell‘s blog. If you haven’t had the chance to check out his latest, The Blarmling Dilemma, get on it! So inventive and fresh.

IMG_4604As you may or may not know, my life is split between writing romance and writing music. I am a singer and songwriter (but NOT a singer-songwriter, thank you.) I’ve been recording and performing professionally since I was four years old. Call it the family business. My dad, sister, brother and cousins are all artists/producers/songwriters. I’m the first novelist, so yay me for “rebelling.” Haha!

I took the last year off to concentrate on this new venture – romance writer – but now it’s time to start juggling my many hats. Today I am spending the morning wearing my writer hat. I’ll compose this RWW blog entry (check) and then see how The Calum is doing in the world. Note: when you’re an indie, half of this writing thing is about promotion. Not unlike being an independent musician.

At noon, I’ll kick of the first Tasty Tuesday of 2015. My theme this week is Comeback Kids. I thought that would be fitting, what with New Year’s and all. Rob Lowe is a bit of a comeback kid, isn’t he?BOOK Lowe 1

This afternoon, I’ll finish up two book covers commissioned by an author friend of mine. Then I’ll rehearse my vocals for an upcoming gig and also work on some songs for my new album, which I’m set to record in a month or so. Emphasis on the ‘or so.’

This evening, I’ll work on book two of the Calum series and, you know, write.

It will take some time to find the balance between writing fiction and being a musician. With four books, an anthology and a box set planned for this year, my expansion into graphic design for writers, and the aforementioned album and subsequent tour, 2015 is going to be, well, INSANE.


If you’re super curious about the music thing, here’s a song I wrote for my last album. I had a lot of fun with the vocals on this one, lol.

Now head on over to see how the lovely Collette Cameron spends her day. Collette just release the delightful Regency short, A Kiss for Miss Kingsley! Do check it out. And see you next week!


  1. Love that you are two different writers. 🙂 That song is beautimous. And Rob is definitely a come back kid! 🙂 Loved this Xio. <3

  2. Wow- you have a hell of a voice. I was jealous of you before with your writing success- now I officially hate you, because you are so damn cool. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Woman, you are just too busy. 🙂

  4. Awesome Music, Xio. Can I be in your band?
    Seriously, I wish we lived closer. I’d love to see you perform live.

  5. I love, love, love this track. Can I have it? Please, please?

  6. Loved the song, Xio. If it’s okay I’m just hang out here and stare at your picture of Rob Lowe. Thanks!

  7. So cool, Xio, that your creativity springs out in so many ways! Writing, songwriting, design. Nice!

  8. Multi-talented Xio! It rocks that you do both so well, darling!

  9. You are, as I always guessed, insanely awesome and talented.

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