Romance Weekly: Flash Fiction!

Romance Weekly: Flash Fiction!


It’s time for some Romance Weekly, #LoveWriteChate fun! If you’ve wandered over from Gemma Brocato‘s blog, welcome! This week’s challenge came from Susan Peterson Wisnewski, a 100-150 word flash fiction piece using the words: candle, chocolate and scarf. Naturally, I turned it over to my alter ego Xio Nin for the honours.


“Open your mouth.”

The warm chocolate of his voice slid over my skin like a living thing. My trembling lips parted as I obeyed. “Good girl.” Something cool touched my tongue.



Juice dripped down my chin as I bit into the soft flesh of my reward. A low rumble of a growl met my ears. I felt him lean in and cursed the silk scarf he had gently blindfolded me with when we began this little game. I wanted to see him.

Wanted to know if his desire mirrored my own.

No need to ask. He captured my mouth in a kiss that stole my breath, answering any unspoken questions. The fabric was lifted way, my eyes adjusting quickly to the soft glow of the candle by our bed.

I blinked up into his heat-filled gaze. “Are we done playing?”

His generous mouth slid into a smile. “Not by half.”


Do you need to take a moment? I sure do. When you’ve recovered, head on over to read what the ever-delightful Susan Scott Shelley came up with for today’s challenge. I met Susan at this year’s RWA, and she is so very cool and so very sweet!

See you next week!



  1. Nice! 🙂

  2. Yum. ME! I want melon now. And love that you used chocolate to describe his mouth instead of food. MMMMMM, woman.

  3. Dang, girl! That’s my kind of flash fiction!

  4. Gemma Brocato says

    Whoa! Fanning myself here. Well done, you!

  5. Very nicely done 😀

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